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Default The inteligence of pizza delivery drivers.

I'm standing at the door talking to somebody on a block of flats in a
council estate, they are all called something house wotsit court etc all
with names of ex council leaders or smart ass developers.
Along comes this guy with a pizza and asks with a slight accident.
Is this Basketball court.
I look at him, well in his direction and say, now does it look like one,
its a block of flats.
He then says, but I've been to criditon Court and alderman ping court, but
I cannot find one named basketball.

I feel its only right to say at this point that there is indeed a basketball
court for children just round the corner over his right shoulder.
I could not help laughing really. I said it actually is a basketball court,
not a building named basketball, its over there.
He muttered something under his breath and went.
Britain must be very confusing, or is it just the bloke was extremely
thick. I knew there was somebody in the court as I could hear the ball being

So have pity on the poor delivery bloke, he may well be one of those people
mentioned in Jethro Tulls song, Thick as a brick.

Note building names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the person
I was talking to who could not speak for trying to suppress his laughter.
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