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Default Alexa TV Guide Skill

As I say in its dormant mode a single tap on a button puts it to sleep,and
another wakes it up.


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"Roderick Stewart" wrote in message
On Thu, 8 Mar 2018 11:47:38 +0000, Andrew

Has anyone managed to make this do anything sensible?
I seem to be able to get bbc 1 and occasionally what is on any channel
now or at a certain time, but ask it for a list for tonight it goes
off and tells you what it thinks are the best things on, not the
complete list or even a few from your favourites list. Most times it
completely fouls up saying stuff like there is no channel called itv
I have found many other list type skills that perform well, its about
time they updated their skill and got it to do what it says on the
tin, so to speak.

Ha, ha, ha - does she laugh at you at random times?

I have an Echo show and a Logitech Elite plus hub on the way from Amazon
so will have some practical experience soon. Are you using Alexa in
conjunction with a remote or on its own?

I wonder what people with dogs called Alexa do now...

I wonder how many people have christened their girls 'Alexa' ?.

You can change the wake-word to either "Amazon" or "Echo", which
doesn't seem like a very useful selection, but it might help. On the
other hand, your dog might be confused if you forget and ask it for a
weather forecast.

Or you can just unplug it and put it away (the Amazon gadget, not your
dog). The power supply makes quite a good phone charger.