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Default Winter Hill CH 31 COM 8

So is vintage tv hd then?

I have an sd only box. Are we eventually going to end up with door stops as
the scrag ends of sd are cobbled onto hd muxs?


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"Bob Latham" wrote in message
In article ,
Cannot get any signal on CH31 afterr todays "retune". Happens on two
TVs from two separate aeriels. One a wideband, t'other a C/D.

Befor retune CH 31 received OK, (e.g 82 Vintage TV and 109 CH 4+1

Anyone get anything on CH 31 from Winter Hill. (Before retune CH 31
received OK, e.g 82 Vintage TV and 109 CH 4+1 HD).

I may be wrong but I thought all transmitters that broadcast com7 and com8
now were using C56 and C56 as a national SFN. Certainly Sutton Coldfield