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Default Winter Hill CH 31 COM 8

On 07/03/2018 11:11, Bob Latham wrote:
In article ,
Cannot get any signal on CH31 afterr todays "retune". Happens on two
TVs from two separate aeriels. One a wideband, t'other a C/D.

Befor retune CH 31 received OK, (e.g 82 Vintage TV and 109 CH 4+1

Anyone get anything on CH 31 from Winter Hill. (Before retune CH 31
received OK, e.g 82 Vintage TV and 109 CH 4+1 HD).

I may be wrong but I thought all transmitters that broadcast com7 and com8
now were using C56 and C56 as a national SFN. Certainly Sutton Coldfield

The migration of all COM 7 and 8 transmissions to Ch 55/56 SFN is a
stepped process. It won't happen at some sites until 2020.

So far it's only Waltham, Oxford, Mendip, Sutton Coldfield and Winter
Hill (and not both muxes at some of those sites either)

Next up is Crystal Palace in a fortnight.

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