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Default As planned I upgraded my TV equipment

Regular readers of my fascinating missives will know that, annoyed by C4
HD leaving Freesat I vowed to add Freeview to my living room equipment.
I bought a Humax FVP-5000T 1TB receiver and because I'm incapacitated
Paul installed it for me. This was three days ago and so far I'm very
impressed by the receiver. Very fast to respond, very user friendly,
really good clear graphics. I haven't found any programming oddities. Of
course we downloaded new software. I miss the Freesat box's front panel
display though.
The new box feeds the TV via HDMI 1. The Humax Freesat box and a
secondhand FTA 13E box feed HDMI2 via an automatic switch. Annoyingly
the two Humaxes share the same remote handset codes. However I intend to
use the Freesat box only when I want to watch different BBC and ITV
regions, and I won't routinely be using it for recording, so it is
switched off on the rear panel.
The 13E box is a curious beast. It is a Zgemma H.2S. It came to us from
a customer who had been sold it by someone running the Sky scam. It is
very small but appears to be good quality and well specified. The
on-screen help is remarkably comprehensive. The menus are labyrinthine
and allow literally hundreds of options, almost all of which I do not
understand. However I found a very good video about it on YouTube.
My main use for the box is Swiss Classic Radio, but I do like to have a
browse though the TV channels now and then. We watched a Moroccan HD
channel the other night, for quite a long time. I was astonished at the
picture quality during a home-grown drama. It was significantly better
than UK HD. There seemed to be more colour shades available. Fine
differences in colour were visible. How can this be I wonder?