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Default Weird recording issue

On Sat, 03 Mar 2018 10:52:51 +0000, Indy Jess John wrote:

On 03/03/2018 09:32, PeterC wrote:
Trying to record BBC 1 Look East on Freesat 954 (due to the situation re.
Councils in Northants).
Selecting Series does nothing; selecting Single is OK, but if I just flick
through the days setting this for a week the future schedule disappears
after 1 recording is made. This means that I have to set the recording every

On a Hummy Foxsat HDR.

The ability to series record is identified in the EPG. If the EPG
doesn't identify a programme as being capable of series recording then
that option isn't presented to you.

I have never used a Foxsat so can't comment on its behaviour, but I have
a Panasonic Freeview recorder which periodically shuffles up the EPG to
remove the already broadcast programmes, and now and again the future
programmes guide blanks on the screen in front of me. 10 minutes later
it is all back to normal. Go back to your Foxsat a bit later and see if
it is behaving similarly.


OK, worth a try. It's just that the Record tag is removed from the
It's a damned nuisance, as there's not a lot of time to reschedule it - if I
forget to do it immediately I tend to forget it anyway.
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