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Default snow affecting reception

On Friday, 2 March 2018 08:20:25 UTC, Brian Gaff wrote:
Yes some time ago somebody tried to take a council to court due to what they
said was a dent in the bonnet caused by a large lump of ice falling off the
light section of a lamppost they parked under. Since the lump melted before
anyone could see it the driver did not get any money, but it all goes to
prove that if there is reincarnation its probably best to come back as a

The fence between heaven and hell fell down again and God and the devil were arguing about who was going to fix it. God complained that he had fixed it the previous hundred times and it must be the devil's turn. The devil told him to **** off and if he wanted the fence fixing he should do it himself. God then threaten to sue the devil. The devil laughed and said "where are you ever going to find a lawyer on your side?"