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Default snow affecting reception

Yes some time ago somebody tried to take a council to court due to what they
said was a dent in the bonnet caused by a large lump of ice falling off the
light section of a lamppost they parked under. Since the lump melted before
anyone could see it the driver did not get any money, but it all goes to
prove that if there is reincarnation its probably best to come back as a

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"Bill Wright" wrote in message
At the moment the air temperature is well below freezing and there's a bit
of wind, so the powdery snow isn't piling up on TV aerials. However if
conditions change and the TV aerials get little piles of snow and ice on
them reception will be affected. Horizontally polarised aerials are
affected far more than VP ones. A few years ago we were inundated with
calls about poor or no reception. The cause was snow piled on the aerials.
Obviously nothing could be done except wait for a thaw.
We have seen some build-up of snow on dishes in the mast few days, but
nothing much.
A lot of CCTV cameras are out of action. It seems that the gentle heat
from the heater inside the housing causes some melt on the glass, but then
more and more snow blows on and sticks. Eventually, when the snow stops
the lump of solid snow drops off.