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On Thu, 1 Mar 2018 15:10:21 +0000, Jeff Layman

On 01/03/18 15:04, Scott wrote:
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First Tandy/Radio Shack, and now Maplin. Who next? Currys/PC world.

Some are saying WHS other than station branches.

That'll mean quite a few Post Offices disappearing too if correct.

There are no longer any post offices in The Netherlands, the world hasn't
as a result.

Did post offices in the Netherlands perform all the other functions that UK
ones do - certifying legal copies of documents (when you don't want to send
an original but a company needs to see a certified copy);
checking/certifying passport applications; acting as delivery points for
mail order (eg Amazon) parcels if you think you might not be in at home when
a package is delivered, or if a postman has tried to deliver something that
needs a signature or is too large for the letter box?

How did the Netherlands handle the issue of annual road fund (the equivalent
of the "tax disc" in the UK)? Did you have to pay annually and get some
proof of payment such as a disc or a sticker that is applied to the licence
plate? Was that administered and issued via post offices before all that
sort of thing was done online? And does the Netherlands have any state
benefits such as equivalents of our old age pension and family allowance -
did post offices issue the relevant cash for people who don't want the money
paying directly into a bank account or who didn't even have a bank account?

What about post-related things like weighing large letters and parcels so
you can determine the correct postage to pay? Is that left to the honesty of
the punter and the assumptions that he will have enough stamps to make up
the postage required? Or even receiving parcels that you want to post but
which are too large to fit in a post box.

With more and more administration (tax for car, application for driver's
licence (new, change of address), state benefits) being done online or paid
directly into a bank account, I can see post offices in villages and small
towns becoming fewer, with people having to make a special journey to a main
post office in a large town.

I mainly use post offices if I want an Amazon parcel delivering while I'm
out, or for determining the cost of non-standard postage. I haven't bought
my car tax disc in a post office since the DVLA first offered the ability to
pay it online and have it posted to you (and of course nowadays there isn't
even a tax disc as visible proof of payment, since police and traffic
wardens can check online if they are suspicous).

I do wonder where the shop closures will end. I'm as guilty as anyone of
browsing in shops to choose which brand of product to buy, and then ordering
it from Amazon to get a cheaper price. Sometimes we order food for home
delivery rather that buying it off the shelf in a supermarket. I suppose
shops which sell non-identical items (cuts of meat etc) will survive, where
people like to choose one item in preference to another and don't just want
to choose "a 500 gramme pack of pork chops" but instead want to choose a
pack that has as little fat as possible or all the chops equal in size or

But things like book shops may fall victim to Amazon - look at what happened
to Borders. It's a shame that it was Borders and not Waterstones that went
under, because Borders often seemed to have a greater selection of books.