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Default Sudden expenditure

I'm convinced that everything happens close together these days. You go for
ages breezing along and then the bottom falls out of the world or so it
seems. Thus planning your week even your day is almost pointless.

Dare I ask how?

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"Bill Wright" wrote in message
I was annoyed about C4HD coming off Freesat because we like to watch 24
Hours in A & E and thought we wouldn't be able to see the gore so clearly
in SD. Ages ago Swiss Classic on 13E went onto DVB S2 so my twenty quid box
wouldn't relay it into the CCTV distribution anymore. I've decided to kill
two or more birds. The Humax Freesat box will be connected to the 13E feed
and set to 'Non-Freesat'. This will give me Swiss Classic and also let me
look at the other channels, which are often of interest. The box will
remain as a depository for the programmes I want to keep.I have bought a
Humax 1TB DVB T2 box and will use it for day-to-day recording in place of
the Freesat box. Both boxes will feed by HDMI into the main TV.
Having spent my pension of the new box I was annoyed when the vacuum
cleaner started sounding like an old tractor and emitting the magic smoke.
It's under guarantee so I contacted Vax, but really we need a second one
for upstairs. I noticed that AO will know 100 off if you buy two Meile
appliances at once. As it happens the kitchen fridge is buggered, so it
looks like I'll be getting a fridge and a vac.
Since I'm incapacitated at the moment I can't get to the washing machines
and it appears that one of my slaves has put something in one of them
that's stalled a pump. I'm getting the man out but the machine is really
old so I think it might need a new one.
Bit of an expensive few days really.