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Default Rugby - live in 1937?

In article , Scott
On Sun, 25 Feb 2018 03:15:58 -0800 (PST), "R. Mark Clayton"

On Saturday, 24 February 2018 20:59:33 UTC, charles wrote:
In article , Scott
The commentator says the first live TV broadcast of the rugby
international was 80 years ago, in 1938.

How did they do that? There was only one transmitter (Alexandra
Palace) and the match was presumably played at Murrayfield or
Twickenham. Would GPO lines be used? Which system was used - Baird
or Marconi?

Pawley mentions coverage of Wimbledon in 1937 using a radio link to
get pictures back to the studio. I assume the same could have been
used at Twickenham a year later. The EMI system had been formally
adopted in Feb 1937.

-- from KT24 in Surrey, England

I think that was the first "outside broadcast" of a sports event.

Fairly easy to get line of sight from all three sports venues mentioned
to Alexandra Palace, so probably just wireless relay.

Although both Baird and EMI system were used from the start of
broadcasts in November 1936, the 405 line electronic system was
predominantly used (and remained in service for nearly fifty years apart
from the war).

So more likely to be 1938 at Twickenham (which Scotland won !!!) than
1937 at Murrayfield. What would the wireless relay look like?

There's a description in Pawley - but no pictures:

A frequency of 64MHz was used..... At the OB end a 1¼kW transmitter was
used. mounted in a vehicle. ... using an aerial supported by two tripod
masts 30ft high, The use of open wire feeders for a high transmitting
aerial presented difficulties, but in 1938 a flexible lightweight cable was
produced by co-operation between the BBC and the Telegraph Construction &
Maintenance Company. This permitted the use of an 80ft fire-escape to
support the aerial, which enabled it to be erected in about 5 minutes.

there is then a reference to: T.C.Macnamara, "Outside Broadcasts in
Television", World Radio, 22 July 1938.

from KT24 in Surrey, England