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In article , Bill Wright
On 24/02/2018 09:32, Brian Gaff wrote:
Another form of transmission is the induction loop, often used by
those with hearing aids. I never did figure out quite how these seemed
to work quite as well as they did even in quite large aareas. I
expected to see some mega wire wound multiple times around the target
area, but when I looked it was about as thick as a mains cable going
around the area.

We have installed a few of these. Just the loop I mean, as part of a
first fix. The spec just said it had to be a 'wire' running around the
room with the ends brought out to a backbox.

As per Brian's comment I'd wondered if these used a multiwire cable with a
plug at each end. Then connected via a socket-box that 'looped' each of the
wires in turn to get a 'multi-turn' loop. Would help give a better input
for whatever was driving the system. But I've never seen a baseband audio
loop system.

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