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Default Induction loops

Yes quite how one turn of wire can generate enough field to interact with
the coil in a hearing aid is a bit of a black art. One might imagine the
other cables like mains and network and powerline internet connections would
generate such an intense field it would never work.
I also have seen small loops that you put over your shoulders or are fitted
into some chairs.
These of course are closer coupled.
After all take an unscreened dynamic mike into many places and you can hear
hum and whine being picked up by the capsule.

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"Bill Wright" wrote in message
On 24/02/2018 09:32, Brian Gaff wrote:
Another form of transmission is the induction loop, often used by those
hearing aids.
I never did figure out quite how these seemed to work quite as well as
did even in quite large aareas.
I expected to see some mega wire wound multiple times around the
area, but when I looked it was about as thick as a mains cable going
the area.

We have installed a few of these. Just the loop I mean, as part of a first
fix. The spec just said it had to be a 'wire' running around the room with
the ends brought out to a backbox.