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Default C4 HD to leave Freesat on Thur 22nd Feb

Andy Burns wrote:

Playing both the DVB-S2 and DVB-T2 versions of C4 HD at the same time in
VLC ...

the terrestrial is highly variable (between 1.2 and 15Mbps)
the satellite relatively constant (between 9 and 11Mbps)

And having left them both running overnight, the average bitrate for the
satellite is 1.9x the terrestrial.

The terrestrial looks a bit softer on text and graphics, but overall it
isn't bit-starved it does seem to get the peaks of bandwidth when it
needs it.

Maybe there are times the statmuxer can't give it what it would like,
but I didn't notice them, difficult to see a difference when the
programmes are either fuzzy clips from youtube, or old 4:3 USA material ...