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On 20/02/2018 15:52, Dave W wrote:
On 20/02/2018 09:33, Jim Lesurf wrote:
Just to let people know that I have now made freely available a PDF
of the book I wrote mumble years ago on Information and Measurement.
Can be
obtained from

The explanations use various examples like CD Players, etc, to illustrate
the underlaying methods and science.



I have downloaded it for later perusal. The margins are very wide -
maybe the book was a paperback - so I used Adobe Acrobat to crop the
pages and make another pdf from it, expanding the cropped pages to fill
A4. Now it's easier to read when the display is set to show the whole
page. I also saw that pages 1 & 2 are headed 6 & 7. I could not edit
them because the embedded font is not on my PC, but I removed their
colour so they don't show.

Just out of curiosity I downloaded it. He's right about the margins, but
I see no fault in the page numbers, nor odd bold lines.

I was amused by one section:

"[Chapter 19] chose the ill-fated example of DCC (Digital Compact
Cassette). The new version.... uses JPEG and MiniDisc as its examples."

Minidisc. Oh well. JPEG is still going though!