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In article , Dave W
I have downloaded it for later perusal. The margins are very wide -
maybe the book was a paperback

It was. But the printed area was the same as the 1st edition which was
hardback. i.e. bigger than the 'pocketbook' size common for fiction
paperbacks. Printed area per page was much less than A4, as common for such
textbooks. More like what has tended to be called 'Trade' paperback size
for fiction books.

- so I used Adobe Acrobat to crop the pages and make another pdf from
it, expanding the cropped pages to fill A4. Now it's easier to read when
the display is set to show the whole page. I also saw that pages 1 & 2
are headed 6 & 7. I could not edit them because the embedded font is not
on my PC, but I removed their colour so they don't show.


The genesis is that I simply combined the set of postscript files I sent to
the printers when the 2nd edition was printed by IoP. I then did tweak a
bit to fix some problems. But didn't really have time to deal with them all
once it seemed readable. The original files were generated many years ago,
so may not be the same as ones which would be generated now.

Here, viewed with Ghostscript, etc, the page numbers seem as I intended.
The printed version used roman numerals for the first pages before the main
text. But I altered this so the page count agreed between what I see on the
page and what page of the document Ghostcript, etc, say you are on. I don't
see here what you report.


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