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Default Free Book :-)

In article , Bill Wright

The explanations use various examples like CD Players, etc, to
illustrate the underlaying methods and science.



I doubt if I'll understand it but thanks anyway! It's good that a few
people are still prepared to share knowledge for its own sake.

It was written aimed at 'undergrad' levels. So does have 'hard sums'.

However both when I was a student, and a lecturer I realised that books
with more equations then text can be a bar to understanding. Indeed, can
hide that the *author* didn't actually understand something! [1] So I
deliberately included more text than many books on the topic. *And* used a
lot of diagrams and examples. I think/hope that helps people 'get the
idea'. That increases the chance they can sometimes use the maths because
they realise just what it is doing, and how.

In fact, I wrote it as an 'antidote' to books that seem to have been
written to please *lecturers* giving a course. Instead I wanted something
that the *students* might find of use/interest.

So I hope that even if someone has to skip the maths the text may make
various basic points clear.

I think it is the only text on Information that uses a flatiron and kitchen
scales as examples. 8-]


[1] I found more than one book on Information Theory (and Electromagnetics)
which use a 'mathematical' argument that is actually flawed as a basis for
'explaining' something. I fear each author was copying from earlier books,
assuming it was correct. Which may tell you something about them. :-)

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