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Default Global positioning

Sigh, In fact the concept of all those things is explainable without going
into the detail.I don't think many teachers understand things enough to go
to the conceptual level on modern stuff.

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In article , Jeff Layman

Yes and no. How far do you go? I can understand a mechanical clock
turning its gear wheels around and measuring time that way, but what
about a digital clock. especially one connected via radio to an atomic
clock? Where do you start - vibrating Caesium atoms? Then radio theory,
then integrated circuits? Etc, etc. It all reminds me of that terrible
time when children go through that "Why?" phase. They ask why something
is the way it is; you explain it, but that leads to another "Why?", and
so on.

When they ask "Why?" questions, tell them you will only answer "How?"
Then explain that people have written millions of books containing most of
the answers. If you can, then take them to the library. :-)

Teach a man to fish...

Another 'dumbing down' factor in the UK now is the rapid loss of local
libraries, and the drying up of funds that lets those which remain buy


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