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Default Foxsat HDR not recording

On Sun, 11 Feb 2018 20:08:53 +0000, Dickie mint wrote:

On 11/02/2018 07:15, PeterC wrote:
The Humax Foxsat HDR has stopped recording anything unless started manually.
The info. on a programme is OK in the EPG and Media list but is haywire for
the 'live' programme, being several hours out and for the programme at that
Ive tried a hard reboot but that's done nothing. Any ideas please?

BBC SI fault? My Foxsat HDR didn't record last night and hasn't started
up for Call The Midwife tonight. itv Endeavour did!

Mine recorded 6 programmes perfectly last night; there are 2 that were 2:15h
onwards but I was in bed by then.
Just checked - OK!

Might be worth doing a hard reboot: off at mains, wait at least 30s, switch
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