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Default Foxsat HDR not recording

On 11 Feb 2018 10:15:35 GMT, David wrote:

Try these (I looked at them only because I have the Custom firmware):

Rather similar postings.

I hope that it's sorted soon as I've been waiting for a prog. to start
and then starting the recording manually; tonight there's one for about
midnight - sod that!

It seems to have come back now on the one that wasn't power cycled.

Very strange. EPG is usually there from the moment it comes out of standby.

I am tentatively assuming that something completely cleared the EPG and it
has taken a while for it all to come back together again.


Quite early this morning the EPG was empty. I let it 'do its thing' but the
fault was still there.
About 10-ish I had another look and the EPG was populated; I updated it and
found that the info. panel was correct.
More encouragingly, a series that had got 'stuck' at the top (this was
happening to all series) had moved to its proper place, so I'm keeping
things crossed.

I'd backed up the schedule, just in case it was new box time (I rather fancy
a Mutant or similar, in spite of the crappy controller).
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