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Default Foxsat HDR not recording

On Sun, 11 Feb 2018 07:15:42 +0000, PeterC wrote:

The Humax Foxsat HDR has stopped recording anything unless started
The info. on a programme is OK in the EPG and Media list but is haywire
for the 'live' programme, being several hours out and for the programme
at that time.
Ive tried a hard reboot but that's done nothing. Any ideas please?

The EPG on our pair of Humax Freesat boxes is all over the place at the

All the channels play, but for most channels the EPG says "program
scrambled or not present" or near offer.

I've hard powered one down and up and that now seems to have slowly
acquired the EPG. The other one is currently showing a blank EPG for the
lower numbers (101 upwards).

Came here to ask what the hell was going on.

I assume that there was some kind of platform problem overnight as herself
reposts it was starting to get a bit iffy last night.

A quick search online shows some Freeview problems but no obvious Freesat


Dave R

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