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Default New technologies?

Jeff Layman wrote:
On 09/02/18 10:01, Pinnerite wrote:
Right now we have a mix of standard definition (SD) and high definition
(HD). Currently marketed are 4K televisions with amazing images.

We can stream 4K from commercial sources provided we are prepared to pay for
the fibre-optic connection and streaming source.

I have a 10MB wire download and can stream 4K without buffering from
YouTube. Just in case it was not 4K I tried it with the Blue Planet
trial the BBC ran. Same thing - no buffering. So do we really need these
high-speed links, or was I really not viewing 4K both times?

If *all* you are doing at one moment is this, then no. But a household can
have multiple simultaneous demands on their Internet connection. Not all
the time I grant you, but it is useful to have the high speed capacity
available. The other thing with pure fibre delivery is it is a whole lot
more reliable than relying on a bit of twisted pair for the last bit.
Higher upload speeds are also handy, and will become increasingly important
as the use (reliance upon) cloud storage increases. At work I have 1
Gbit/sec up and down to my desktop, and 10 Gbit/sec connecting work to the
outside world. It makes a big difference to what you can do, and I notice
the difference at home, where I’m lucky enough to have 200 down and 12
MBit/sec up. The up link is a bottleneck.