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Default New technologies?

In article , lid
The problem is that most people don't sit near enough to benefit from a
4K picture. I doubt that many sit close enough to really benefit from HD!

Some do! My gawping chair sits on teflon gliders which slide backwards
and forwards on a sacrificial rug.
I have three preset positions marked on the rug.

1. Far back. This is for stereo audio only and gives a good image
without exaggerated width and a natural perspective..

2. Mid distance. This is for TV, movies and multi channel music.
You haven't lived till you've heard the surround mix of Dark Side Of the
Moon or a snooker tournament in 5.1

3. Close up. This is for auditioning 4K HDR sources.
OK, it's for playing Gran Turismo Sport really, sitting close means I
can see the corners before I crash. The graphics are really very good
and the surround sound effects very well done and at this distance my
unaided eyesight is as good, or as bad:-( as when bespectacled.