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Default COM 7 off again for Sonys at Emley Moor

Mark Carver wrote:

some of your neighbours in Waltham-land have lost COM 7 since
they ran a rescan yesterday where COM 5 and 8 have swapped places. (COM
7 hasn't moved there (yet !))

Zero publicity received about that one here, no on-screen pop-ups etc,
sure enough turned on [Samsung] TV this morning, and the COM8 channels
weren't available, though a re-scan got them back.

And the first thing the box displayed *after* I had re-scanned? A
message from BBC1 SD saying "Missing channels? retune your TV or box"
and a link to

So it seems that people who tend to stick to HD channels, won't have
seen the messages on the SD channels telling them they'll need to
re-tune to keep receiving the HD channels ... brilliant!