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Default COM 7 off again for Sonys at Emley Moor

On 08/02/2018 08:49, Bob Latham wrote:
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Mark Carver wrote:

I don't think it's a GI thing, but the change has triggered the problem
off. The most affected people seem to be Sony and Panny users of Emley.
I've seen reports from the more sensible folk on Digital Spy and one
chap has no problems with Belmont, but Emley is (or was) dead. Also
Crosspool was dead, I don't know whether for COM 7 that's line fed, or
RBL Emley (if the latter than that's not surprising)

Also the SI data tables are now huge on both COM 7 and 8, (because
all transmitters are no configured in preparation for the SFN working)
so that's causing some PVR recordings to fail.

I've tried two routes I have into the BBC and Arqiva, both have drawn
blanks at present.

Thanks Mark. Bill says Emley is back on again now but when I went to bed
last night COM7 on Sutton was just not there to all Sony TVs. Is this
something temporary or are we seeing the first steps into something which
will break all of the TVs?

Emley burst back into life again yesterday at 2pm. You're the only
person I've seen (to date) who has had problems on Sutton Coldfield [1],
though some of your neighbours in Waltham-land have lost COM 7 since
they ran a rescan yesterday where COM 5 and 8 have swapped places. (COM
7 hasn't moved there (yet !))

[1] I'm not suggesting you're alone, but the overall lack of outrage
does indicate how tiny the use of COM 7 and 8 actually is.

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