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Default Unprofessional stations

How old is he, Could be macular problems like Judy Dench.

Just as well he is not flying jets than.

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Seems to me that these automated tv stations with pre recorded
are only as good as the person who checks them. So often the wrong
announcment goes out, such as a plug for a show including its time at
end of the show itself, making it bleedin obvious its canned.


The radio stations are worse, and potentially could cause you real
problems. "It's 7 o/clock, here is the news". No it bogging well isn't
it's actually eight minutes past seven!

By 09:00 they seem to be sync with their clock.

Piers Morgan often gives a time check in hours minutes and seconds,
which is a novelty these days. I have wondered if his clock is fast so
as to be roughly correct at the point of reception, but I am never
sufficiently awake to check.

This morning on the TV show "Good Morning Britain" Piers Morgan was
ranting about some digital time displays that have just been installed
on each camera in that studio so that the presenters can see the time
without turning away from camera. The displays show hours, minutes and
seconds. He was complaining, in his typical style, that he couldn't read
them. We viewers were given a brief shot of one of the clocks. My
thought was "Piers, have you been to an optician recently?"

Peter Duncanson