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Default BBC's new Weather website - where have the isobars gone?

On Wed, 7 Feb 2018 10:32:12 +0000, Ian Jackson

The BBC have introduced a new, improved style of presenting the weather.

On their website, there no longer appears to be a proper 'Jack Scott'
weather map (Surface Pressure Chart), as per

Is it there somewhere, and I can't find it - or do the BBC feel that
nobody was interested?

I suspect they consider that very few viewers can understand surface
pressure charts.

There is information about the recent changes he

Pressure - where are the pressure maps?

You can find pressure charts on forecast location pages. Go to a
location, such as Cardiff, scroll down the page to the map.

Then just select the 'Full screen' option' to open the map and
select the 'pressure' key on the left. Toggle on the pressure data
layer to see pressure for your region, country or even globe.

I.e. go to this page:

Click on one of the locations named on the map.
A page will be shown for that location.
For instance Manchester:

Scroll down the page to the map and click on "Full Screen" at the bottom
right of the map.
Then click on "Key and options" at the top left and select "Pressure"
(You may need to scroll down through the options.)
It is possible to zoom out to see a larger area including the whole of
the World.

Those surface pressure charts are "simpler" than the useful ones on the
Met Office site.

Peter Duncanson