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Default Unprofessional stations

I'd include all of them at one time or another I think. UK tv seem to do
this a lot as does pick and even some ch 5 ones.

As for the total rubbish up the channel list well where do they get their
progrramming? Even when they have a novel fly on the wall idea they do it to
death in as many ways as possible without breaking the law. Bait car is a
case in point.

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"Johnny B Good" wrote in message
On Sun, 04 Feb 2018 08:32:11 +0000, Brian Gaff wrote:

Seems to me that these automated tv stations with pre recorded
continuity are only as good as the person who checks them. So often the
wrong announcment goes out, such as a plug for a show including its time
at the end of the show itself, making it bleedin obvious its canned.

Are you including "Dave" in this list of automated stations? Going by
my, thankfully infrequent, experiences of recording their "Zapped" mini-
series and their new Red Dwarf episodes (including repeats of older
episodes), I'd say that you aught to include "Dave" in your automated TV
stations list. Canned Continuity, wether it's wrong or not, gets
irritatingly "Old real fast".

Johnny B Good