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Default New aerial for Winter Hill.

On 30/01/2018 13:30, Woody wrote:

If you have a good strong signal then your best bet is a log periodic
as they are essentially flat response.

On the other hand if your signal requires a longer yagi or multibeam
now then - sadly - your best bet is a wideband multibeam.

However the gain of these will be similar or worse than a log on the
lower channels, and the directivity will be far worse on those channels.

You can fit
an in-line 790MHz filter now if you feel it necessary and change that
to a 700MHz fliter after clearance has been completed. Such a filter
is definitely a good idea if you have any form of wideband preamp to
prevent overloading by out-of-band signals.

Filters widely available quite cheaply on fleabay.

But only buy a known brand.