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Default Freeview swizzling sound tracks

On Mon, 29 Jan 2018 19:26:08 GMT, Johnny B Good

Can I assume that you are referring to commercially pressed CDs which,
when played on another CD player, *doesn't* duck the sound at the track

I think that is what he's referring to, and I can confirm I've
observed the same effect.

A typical pop album will be a collection of separate songs with brief
pauses between them, and a great many classical works will also be
divided into different "movements", usually intended to be played with
pauses between them, but occasionally not. Even when movements of a
symphony or concerto are played without breaks, as their composers
intended, it's usual for CD recordings to include the same metadata
markers as for separate tracks, and when a player handles this
correctly you will see the indicated track number change but without
hearing any interruption to the music.

Some players can handle this and some can't, but unfortunately there
doesn't seem to be any recognised specification or manner of
indicating it, if it's indicated at all. The only way to find out if a
player you're considering purchasing can handle track changes in the
middle of the music would be to take a copy of a suitable work, e.g.
Beethoven's 5th, to the shop and ask for a demonstration.