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Default Freeview swizzling sound tracks

Yes but this is a stand alone dvd cd player and one would expect this on mp3
cds but not normal ones.
I think they have in effect just cobbled together a computer in the box and
used crap software for the cd part.

It was only cheap but if I go out and buy aa new device I will now need to
audition it in this way before I buy one in case its the same.
My Marantz cd player is having serious issues with cds recorded on my pc,
ie not even starting or losing its way part way through, yet it plays cdrws
perfectly, which have to be less reflective than a standard cdr made on the
same writer.
Bah humbug.

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"JNugent" wrote in message
On 29/01/2018 16:15, Brian Gaff wrote:
Seems to me that the bit rate of many sound tracks on freeview channels
getting far worse than before, including obvious artifacts of low bit
and the phase distortions you hear in mp3s recorded at 128kbits a sec or
There seems to be a race for the bottom going on, not just in the sort
rubbish we are offered but the transmission quality as well.
its all part of the losing the plot world we live in. i have for
example a
cd/dvd player here which sounds excelent but has one flaw any real cd
should not have, it ducks between tracks, so there you are listening to
classical cd with track markers that should not be heard, and hey presto
ducks the sound. I expect more from Panasonic than this, Software
cds has been standard for may years, so why re invent the thing badly. OK
the player can play mp3 cds and dvds and even ram stick recordings, but
with this strange issue.

If by "ducks between track" you mean that it inserts an unwonted brief
silence between tracks, VLC Player does the same, and so does Cyberlink
PowerDVD (which was on this PC when new and which plays CDs as well as

Windows Media Player, and my Sony CD-player, do not. CDs and CD-Rs of live
concerts play seamlessly on those, with just the display changing to let
you know that the track has changed.