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No o I found it on an old hard drive, it seems to end with yet another call
for the golden screwdriver, not sure if its actually the true end or inf the
rest is in fact missing. It came from a private collector, along with a
program called The Army Show with Spike and a certain aussie bloke who is
know for being a womon.
it was the first outing of the dustbin song.

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"Bill Wright" wrote in message
On 25/01/2018 07:54, Brian Gaff wrote:
is this thing on.
I came across an old radio show the other day called the starlings. It
seemed to be mostly done by the Goons so is quite old and the one thing I
remember was that when anything went wrong the engineer with the golden
screwdriver was called to sort it out.
It seems to revolve around the doings of a fictitious council
attempting to
rid the pest of the starlings pooping all over the residents. Not sure
it came to mind today.

It's 'not available' on iPlayer.