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The last one of these things I came across was wired via powerline adaptors
and would work for a bit then stop. No idea what the heck was going on and I
suspect neither would talk talk.

A friend of mine has been through about half a dozen psus for his, it
initially fixes it then fails some months on.
I suspect crap gear in the first place.

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On 09/01/2018 21:49, Roderick Stewart wrote:
I've been given a Talktalk "Youview" box to fix, or diagnose, or
something, with the fault described as "doesn't work", and I've never
been very good at clairvoyance. It powers up and goes to a menu screen
of some sort but I can't go any further because they forgot to include
the remote control. Assuming I'm eventually supplied with this, if
something doesn't make itself obvious very quickly I might just hand
it back marked "no fault found". I should really have learned by now
that life's too short to worry about other people's problems when they
can't even tell you what they are.

Youview boxes are virtually useless without an internet connection.

It might be worth asking if the owner had wired it into his router.