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Default Peoples expectations of others.

I've been given a Talktalk "Youview" box to fix, or diagnose, or
something, with the fault described as "doesn't work", and I've never
been very good at clairvoyance. It powers up and goes to a menu screen
of some sort but I can't go any further because they forgot to include
the remote control. Assuming I'm eventually supplied with this, if
something doesn't make itself obvious very quickly I might just hand
it back marked "no fault found". I should really have learned by now
that life's too short to worry about other people's problems when they
can't even tell you what they are.


On Tue, 9 Jan 2018 18:44:01 -0000, "Brian Gaff"

As soon as normally normal sane people learn you know abit about
electronics, yes even if now you are blind like myself, they ask you
impossible questions about things that happen to their devices.
So I was at a meeting today, and somebody asked me.
My new TV keeps making a screeching noise and the picture freezes what is
wrong with it?
I mean do I look like I have a crystal ball. I mumble to them about are you
sure its actually tuned to the right transmitter, and how many channels and
which ones do it, and of course how would they know?

In the old days I might have volunteered to go around and do some
diagnostics, instead I said when was it purchased . Just before Christmas.
Who installed the aerial.
its been up for years, who set it up, the shop, well I said call them back
and let them sort it out, its a new set.
I suspect the next time I see her she will be moaning about having to put
up a new aerial at vast cost.

Bah humbug. Brian