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On Mon, 08 Jan 2018 08:47:34 +0000, Brian Gaff wrote:

Has tv drama decided to record all dialogue as mumbles?
I was watching the box last night to see what was on and something on
bbc 1 which I'm assuming was a drama seemed to have all the dialogue

I watched the first episode of the new thriller "Hard Sun" on Saturday and
had to turn subtitles on due to mumblevision [tm]!

I've had great difficulty in making out what Peter Capaldi has been
saying since he took over the title role in "Doctor Who". He doesn't
enunciate at all clearly. Background music that at times has been so
loud as to be foreground music hasn't helped matters.

I suspect that the producers of TV drama have the advantage of hearing
and seeing their episodes played back on state of the art equipment
costing thousands of pounds, as well as being younger than a large
proportion of their audience and so having better hearing. Thus they
fail to realise what a struggle it is to make out the dialogue for many
of their listeners.
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