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On 08/01/2018 08:47, Brian Gaff wrote:
Has tv drama decided to record all dialogue as mumbles?
I was watching the box last night to see what was on and something on bbc 1
which I'm assuming was a drama seemed to have all the dialogue mumbled. At
first I thought it was my ears, but no, I could hear other channels dialogue
I've noticed this on and off before. One cannot even blame music or sound
effects. its just low level echo ridden or top end light.

It's either "naturalism" or a reluctance on the part of the director to
criticise highly paid actors, or lack of time to retake or overdub.

The "naturalism" argument - that that is how people speak in real life -
doesn't really wash as in a real conversation you usually (a) know how
the person speaks, (b) roughly what they will say (c) what the context
is and (d) can ask for a repetition.

Programme makers have been told about this often enough, but they appear
to have a policy of ignoring us mere viewers, as with spoiler snippets
of the programme contents at the start, credit squashing and shout
overs, telling us what is on next in the minutes up to the end and the rest.

Max Demian