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On Mon, 08 Jan 2018 12:34:01 +0000, The Other John wrote:

On Mon, 08 Jan 2018 08:47:34 +0000, Brian Gaff wrote:

Has tv drama decided to record all dialogue as mumbles?
I was watching the box last night to see what was on and something on
bbc 1 which I'm assuming was a drama seemed to have all the dialogue

I watched the first episode of the new thriller "Hard Sun" on Saturday
and had to turn subtitles on due to mumblevision [tm]!

I downloaded it using get_iplayer. Mumbling was the least of its
problems (in fact I never noticed any). The story appears to be a fresh
spewing of an earlier version that was shown some years ago.

Unfortunately, I can't find any trace of that earlier series recording
on my NAS box but it may have been relegated to an off-line archive I
haven't had a chance to check out thus far.

Interestingly, I noticed Prof Brian Cox listed in the end credits as the
"Specialist Advisor". Quite frankly, I'm rather surprised by such
'bravery' in allowing his name to be associated in any way with such a
piece of fiction where the simple act of downloading a computer file
results in a rapid movie of its content during the download, rather than
the more commonplace "Progress Bar" (both in real life *and* movies like
"G-Force" for Gawd's sake!).

It's hard enough to suspend critical judgement in order to enjoy the
story as "A Jolly Good Yarn" when you see such efforts to "Jazz Things
Up", seemingly in an effort to retain the interest of a typical BBC1/ITV

Searching the interweb for any mention of the earlier series just draws
a blank. It would help if I knew its actual name (which may or may not
have been "Hard Sun" or a variant thereof). The story has certainly been
aired before but my memory fails me on this occasion. :-(

Johnny B Good