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Default iPlayer needs an aerial?

On Sun, 07 Jan 2018 15:34:19 +0000 (GMT), charles

In article , Clive Page
On 04/01/2018 17:52, Bill Wright wrote:
Today we had a customer who said that iPlayer wouldn't work on his
Polaroid TV without an aerial being connected. Sceptical, we tried
ourselves. He was right. Every other catch-up service worked but not
iPlayer. When iPlayer was attempted a message came up saying that the
aerial had to be connected.

Paul googled and found this: It's a quirk of Vestel's software
apparently, so as well as the TVs they sell under the branding licensed
from Toshiba it can affect TVs they made for other retailers and brands
are well. JVC, Finlux, Hitatchi, Celcius and Polaroid would be some of
the more common brands you find their TVs sold under, but there are
many more.

I think it's a measure to stop people outside the UK viewing BBC
programmes. Why they are so paranoid about this I'm not sure.

It's probably a "rights" issue on bought in programmes. If the vendoer
thought that anybody in the world could watch, the cost would be a lot
higher to the BBC,

Not only "bought in programmes". There are BBC-made programmes for which
it collects money from broadcasters in other parts of the world when
they show them.

We have a Panasonic TV several years old which includes an iPlayer option
if connected to the Internet by a Ethernet cable. But it only worked
when there was also a Freesat signal. I say worked not works because
about 18 months ago a BBC "upgrade" changed the format of iPlayer streams
so the TV would no longer cope, and of course Panasonic has no interest
in providing a software upgrade for a TV more than a year or so old, as
they'd much rather we buy a newer TV. Which of course we haven't, and
now I know how Panasonic treats it customers I am much less likely to buy
the same brand again.

How odd. My Panasonic which is now several years old (manual says 2011)
continues to receive iPlayer.

All the same, needing Freesat seems rather odd, as the set can also get
Freeview, and it seems to me that presence of a Freeview signal would be
a much better test of the TV being used in the UK than that of Freesat,
which surely has a footprint covering adjacent countries.

Mine doesn't need either, just the internet.

Peter Duncanson