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Default If you were buying a new telly..

On 07/01/2018 02:04, JNugent wrote:

If you live in certain communities, the existence of a satellite dish on
your property might be seen by neighbours as a sign of bad taste....

that says more about some people than anything :-)

I'd say that all that stems from the days when Sky dishes were huge and
white - a real carbuncle on your south-facing wall.

The coming of Sky Digital with its smaller, less obstrusive,
black-painted, mesh-constructed, dish changed all that.

Also Sky is no longer perceived as downmarket. Generally speaking rich
people have Sky as a matter of course. They don't see it as a decision;
it's just a given. Of course this raises the question, do rich people
have more sophisticated tastes than poor people? In my experience, not

Up-market apartments would be impossible to sell or rent without access
to satellite signals and fast internet.

There's also the Freesat market. And the various nationalities of
immigrants often like to see their own TV stations.