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Default Star Wars Rogue 1 - pricing on Amazon

On 22/12/2017 19:09, Yellow wrote:
On 22 Dec 2017 16:55:53 GMT, David wrote:

Prices from Amazon:

Amazon Video 7.99.

Blu-ray 11.99

DVD 15.85

O.K., the DVD is not directly from Amazon but the other two are and they
are all on the same page.

If I want to get it elsewhere it is 7 for the DVD from Tesco or Sainsbury.

I thought Amazon was supposed to be the cheapest usually?

I can see that they want to push the video service (less cost to them) but
priced above the cost of a DVD?

Perhaps it is just Xmas madness.

Or the cheaper one could be the Theatrical Version (had to look that one
up - the version originally shown in cinemas).

I have had my eye on a newly released book - 5 paperback, 7.99 Kindle
version. Noticed day before yesterday Amazon had dropped the Kindle
version price to 2.99.

Who knows how they come up with their prices.

Isn't it automated, to some extent, with the price changing dynamically
according to demand and supplies available elsewhere? This is what is
responsible for peaks in price on in-demand items in short supply. One
example that springs to mind is a thee-CD + one DVD set by Cilla Black,
which I bought from Amazon a few years ago for about 8. After she died,
demand went up but Parlophone was out of stock, meaning that secondhand
copies were listed (automatically) at Amazon third party sellers at
100. Things as returned to normal as Parlophone have pressed and
distributed copies of her albums and compilations.

The price for the Rogue One DVD as I write is:

Amazon: 7.00

Other supplier (new) from 7.00

Other supplier (used) from 9.38.