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Default iPlayer needs an aerial?

Seems a little bit of a strange one. I can hardly think they need te stable
frequencies as in old style tvs when you played videos that you needed sea
sick pills to watch du to the old flywheel sync issues.
Who are these people who presumably just supply chipsets and software to
the suppliers for inclusion and obviously said makers do not actually test
their wares very much.

Since none of the makes you mention seem to have any kind of accessibility
at all last time I looked I'lll add them to the idiot badge engineering

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"Bill Wright" wrote in message
Today we had a customer who said that iPlayer wouldn't work on his
Polaroid TV without an aerial being connected. Sceptical, we tried
ourselves. He was right. Every other catch-up service worked but not
iPlayer. When iPlayer was attempted a message came up saying that the
aerial had to be connected.

Paul googled and found this:
It's a quirk of Vestel's software apparently, so as well as the TVs they
sell under the branding licensed from Toshiba it can affect TVs they made
for other retailers and brands are well. JVC, Finlux, Hitatchi, Celcius
and Polaroid would be some of the more common brands you find their TVs
sold under, but there are many more.