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Default Poor signal quality on CH60 mux

Be interesting to know if the tuners in the other equipment show anything
different. That might point to an overload. I doubt the performance is the
same on all of them.

As has been said, a loft aerial is going to attenuate higher channels more
than lower ones of course so any interference might be worse.

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"WCZ" wrote in message news
I wonder if the originator of this thread actually plugged each item, one
at a time into the aerial to check to see if there is non linearity
elsewhere. Of course we do not know how he is feeding the aerial to all
the devices.

I didn't check each device individually but I did plug the aerial outlet
in the wall directly into the back of the tele, bypassing anything in
between, and that didn't resolve the picture break up problem. I also
replaced the coax between the wall and tele and that may have made the
problem worse.

The aerial is mounted within the loft and the cable comes through the
house into the lounge where it is terminated in a wall outlet. There are
no amplifiers in use and the loft aerial feeds a single outlet.

The intermittent picture breakup started in the week before Christmas and
continues to date. Spectre last night on ITV had some minor breakup at
times but not as bad as it has been. Channels on anything other the mux
that runs on CH60 are unaffected.