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Default Poor signal quality on CH60 mux

I wonder if the originator of this thread actually plugged each item, one at
a time into the aerial to check to see if there is non linearity elsewhere.
Of course we do not know how he is feeding the aerial to all the devices.

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"Jim Lesurf" wrote in message
In article , WCZ wrote:
Over the past couple of weeks I've been getting intermittent picture
breakup on all channels carried by the CH60 mux on the Oxford
transmitter. Tele and both PVRs attached to it are affected and
looking at the signal stats when the picture is breaking up I see good
signal strength but the signal quality is all over the place. I've not
added anything new to the setup in months and it doesn't appear to be
Christmas light related as turning them off doesn't resolve the problem.

Could this be 4G signal interference? I've been looking for a filter
that still allows CH60 to be received but so far no luck.

Yes, it might be 4G if a new base station near your line of sight to the
Oxford TX has started up - or a close neighbour is now using 4G.

You *might* find adding an attenuator reduces the problem if you can't
a suitable filter. There was a body that promised to send out free
filters to all who needed them.[1] But reality probably came no-where near
that! I got one (and needed it) simply because I was in contact with them
as a 'journalist' at the time about the issue. So the fact that they sent
me one doesn't ensure people who had no idea what was happening all did.

Someone like CPC or Maplin or similar may sell something suitable.


[1] I've forgotten their name but someone else here will probably recall
or know if they can still send out filters.

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