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Default Poor signal quality on CH60 mux

In article , Brian Gaff
If the strength is good on all the others as well, then an attenuator
might stop the desensing or intermod products which might be the cause of
it. 6Db might be all you need. If that does not work, then its going to
be difficult I imagine. It would really help people if somebody knew
where 4G transmitter towers were and at what power they ran. What I never
figured out was that some years back we here in SW London who are on low
channels in any case, were sent letters saying claim your free 4G filter
when we would be unlikely to ever need them. Brian

One reason is that most amplifiers, including the one in the VCR/DVR
recorder, are wideband and might overload with a nearby high level signal
which would be within its passband. Even some tvs can overload with out of
(wanted) band signals.

from KT24 in Surrey, England