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Default Poor signal quality on CH60 mux

If the strength is good on all the others as well, then an attenuator might
stop the desensing or intermod products which might be the cause of it.
6Db might be all you need.
If that does not work, then its going to be difficult I imagine.
It would really help people if somebody knew where 4G transmitter towers
were and at what power they ran. What I never figured out was that some
years back we here in SW London who are on low channels in any case, were
sent letters saying claim your free 4G filter when we would be unlikely to
ever need them.

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"Mark Carver" wrote in message
On 02/01/2018 09:30, WCZ wrote:
Over the past couple of weeks I've been getting intermittent picture
breakup on all channels carried by the CH60 mux on the Oxford
transmitter. Tele and both PVRs attached to it are affected and looking
at the signal stats when the picture is breaking up I see good signal
strength but the signal quality is all over the place. I've not added
anything new to the setup in months and it doesn't appear to be Christmas
light related as turning them off doesn't resolve the problem.

Could this be 4G signal interference? I've been looking for a filter that
still allows CH60 to be received but so far no luck.

It could be 4G interference.

I wouldn't spent too much time and money on this. In April/May ish
all of Oxford's main 6 muxes move 'down band' to

41, 44, 47, 29, 37, 31, and COM 7 and 8 move to 55 and 56

So the Ch 60 mux will move to Ch 44

I'd hold fire on any drastic changes (if you can) until then.
It's also possible that engineering work to enable those
changes is affecting transmission at present

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