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Default Does any hardware still allow playing of CD video?

On 30/12/17 18:14, Kenny wrote:
I was given a Panasonic DMR-E55EB to see if I could fix it, the owner died
and his wife didn't want it back. There's a PSU fault, there's a repair kit
available but I can't see any use for this thing?

Yep. Had to fix the PSU of mine. I can't remember the details but I
think it was a voltage regulator (STRG6353?) which went south, resulting
in a continuous self check. It overheated due to penny-pinching by
Panasonic, as they fitted an inadequate heatsink. When I replaced the
chip, I put a much large heatsink on it. See comment he

It's been working ok for the past ten years or so since I repaired it.
No use for recording OTA of course, but fine for playing DVDs or CDs. No
doubt I could use it for copying VHS tapes to DVD if I had a need.