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Pinnerite wrote:

Pinnerite wrote:

My wife has two matching ovens stacked one above t'other.
Last week the upper one went 'bang' and took out the circuit breaker.
Restored, that oven appears dead as the proverbial Dodo.

I checked the 'easy-to-get-to' things from the front but now I have to
take the whole thing out to get to the back.

As it is relatively high off the ground I needed something to perch it
on. I think I have found something.

What is the most likely item to have caused no power to reach the clock

(No, for those celebrating a little early, I don't think it was a turkey

After withdrawing the oven from its housing, I disconnected the power
cable and substituted a separate lead plugged into a regular 13A socket.

The oven operated perfectly.

The problem is therefore in the power supply chain.

i have called in a qualified electrician. I am no longer supple enough to
get down low enough nor have good enough sight to work inside a cupboard
at arms length.

Thanks for the advice. Alan

It was the fused connection box.
It had actually burnt out.
Its 13A fuse didn't blow but but the remote circuit breaker did.

Unusual to say the least.

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