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Default Problems with CP? or is it time for a new twig?

Its quite funny actually as CP was always group A, but when I bought a new
aerial for digital everyone said broadband. We all thought they were quite
mad, but due to all the messing about it has actually been a good move. As
you know I recently had to change out the coax that got water in it, but the
actual aerial in the loft seems good still, as we are line of sight. It will
be very interesting to actually see how wide band it is when the time comes.

So close in the main issues seem to be multipath from nearby high rise
buildings in any case so I may need a log or something if it acts up again.

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"Mark Carver" wrote in message
On 29/12/2017 13:01,
Hi All,

Have been having problems with the BT Youview box falling off the digital
cliff (audio and video stuttering / breaking up / dropping out) for the
past few weeks. Worse in stormy weather.

We are about 18 miles nearer the coast than CP (Horsham).

Is anyone else suffering similar? or is it time to call on the services
of ye olde aerial rigger?

Maybe it needs looking at. If it's a Group A you'll need a Wideband after
March 2018 anyway, COM 7 and 8 move that month from Ch33 and 35 to 55 and

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