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Default iPhone 4 question

Seems that the power button is a well known fault on Apple phones,
disgraceful really.
There is now a large black blob on the inside of the screen! Aww well. I'll
chuck it into a drawer with the rest of the useless stuff.

Brian Gaff wrote:
Well in that case the battery will be well and truly knackered as
well as whatever the fault is.

In my expeditious, those sort of switches in devices are about as
reliable as an umbrella in snowstorm.
I find them on lots of things for use by the blind. Generally because
when new they are fairly positive and small, but after a while their
grotty plastic engineering or conductive plastic bits or membranes gives
up. Brian

Tweed wrote:
R. Mark Clayton wrote:
On Tuesday, 26 December 2017 14:52:56 UTC, Adrian Caspersz wrote:
On 26/12/17 14:32, Mr Pounder Esquire wrote:
Don't know where else to ask.
I have been given a iPhone 4.
The power button does nothing at all when
pushed, so I tried the trick in the below link. It did not work.
Skip to
1.49 secs in. Yes, I can see the reasoning here. However, when I
push the power button I expect to see something move to make
contact. Nothing does. And yes, I did try a spot of WD40. Is the
power button broken or am I missing something?

The phone is 32bit, ancient and the battery is probably well

I changed a battery in such for a friend and managed to dislodge
and lose a dimple the size of quarter of a grain of cos-cous from
the top of the power button, and had to strip the whole phone
down to replace the switch/proximity/speaker assembly with one
from eBay. Try the paper piece trick, or preferably the leading post
'Chris M' in the YouTube clip comments - then when it works, flog
it and get a modern Android, or iPhone 5S minimum.

Indeed - I picked up a new, but superseded Acer Liquid Z5 from Scan
(by Royal Appointment etc.) in a clear out sale for 15. It's not
quite a Galaxy S7 or recent iPhone, but it is quite capable.

Adrian C

I've had long out of service iStuff behave as though it won't turn
on, even when hooked up to the charger. Apple's advice is to leave
it on charge for a few hours. I'd didn't really believe this
advice, but it did work.

I should have been clearer. The phone won't turn off on the power