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Default iPhone 4 question

Adrian Caspersz wrote:
On 26/12/17 14:32, Mr Pounder Esquire wrote:
Don't know where else to ask.
I have been given a iPhone 4.

The power button does nothing at all when
pushed, so I tried the trick in the below link. It did not work.
Skip to 1.49 secs in. Yes, I can see the reasoning here. However, when I
push the power button I expect to see something move to make
contact. Nothing does. And yes, I did try a spot of WD40. Is the
power button broken or am I missing something?

The phone is 32bit, ancient and the battery is probably well shagged.

I changed a battery in such for a friend and managed to dislodge and
lose a dimple the size of quarter of a grain of cos-cous from the top
of the power button, and had to strip the whole phone down to replace
the switch/proximity/speaker assembly with one from eBay.

Try the paper piece trick, or preferably the leading post from 'Chris
M' in the YouTube clip comments - then when it works, flog it and get
a modern Android, or iPhone 5S minimum.

Yeah, it's old. To be honest phones are not my thing, I was just curious.
Wife is keen on them, I'm not.
I did read the comment from Chris M, but like I said - when I push the
button down nothing moves. I tried the paper trick, and then a bit of
plastic from an old Tesco card.

Thanks for the reply.